Stamping good time.

Stamp here…


The process of carving stamps is so satisfying. The soft vinyl is like butter to a sharp chisel and fine detail is easily achieved with a little patience and a steady hand.


It is a bit of a mental challenge to do lettering because the letters and words must be spelled backwards, (sdrawkcab for those of you still confused,) for curious minds this is a fun tease.


I made a sample page for checking the quality of the stamps immediately after carving them.


There was a subtile problem in this method because the stamps had not been glued to a wooden backing yet and it was not easy to apply even pressure to them, ( you can see this in the larger stamps, they look faded in some areas.)


… I like them just the same.



At first I thought this was a crow.


 … Then I thought maybe a seagull.

A crowgull for sure… and then came the bluejay/cardinal from a salvaged scrap.IMG_4435


… These are some of Koi’s creations… IMG_4428

… And this is what it looks like when it all comes together…




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